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News Manager .NET 5.1
Now With Full Support for ASP.NET 2.0

Web site content management for article and news publishing online

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Article and news management system
News Manager .NET is a powerful web site content management system specially designed to speed up your activity of adding news, articles, press releases and any other type of content to your web site or corporate Intranet.

Powerful news publishing and content syndication
News Manager has been developed with the latest web technology (ASP.NET) and comes packed with features only available on the most expensive content management systems, it is the perfect solution for your news publishing and article management needs making it really easy for you or your company staff to perform updates to your information bulletins, announcements, online schedules, news breaks, articles and any other kind of information.

Key features and Benefits
What makes News Manager stand out of the crowd when it comes to choosing a content and news management system? aside from its support for unlimited users, built in "What You See is What You get" word-like content editor and easy content syndication (just one line of code is needed to syndicate your content anywhere!) the News Manager comes packed with everything you need for publishing articles online. Here are some of the top features why News Manager is the your best choice for managing articles on your web site :


Sample Headlines
Xbox hard drive fate
March 5, 2004
CNET News.com
M-Systems, Microsoft's new hardware partner for the Xbox, has confirmed that the next version of the game console will not have a hard drive.
Intel envisions TiVo-like wireless PCs
March 3, 2004
CNET News.com
Intel wants desktop PCs to double up as network hubs and video recorders, a move that could make life tough for the companies that produce those standalone products.
This sample shows how your headlines can be shown on your pages. Only one line of code is needed!.

Keeps your content fresh Not a hosted solution
News Manager runs on your own site and domain. You don't have to rely on any external databases, sites or components, the entire application is under your own control.
Multimedia content support Supports Unlimited Publishers
There are no built in limits as to the number of users that can use the application and it is licensed on a per site / domain basis. You can get your entire staff to work with the application without having to purchase additional licenses.
Completely template driven Fully Template Driven
Give any look and feel that you want to your content matching the exact layout of your web site. Use both HTML templates for easy publishing or ASP.NET templates with your dynamic includes and code!
Create zones and categories Entirely Web Based
Publish articles to your web site from any computer, anywhere with web access. News Manager comes packed with a powerful web based MS Word like content editor which you can use directly from your web browser to access it!
Syndicate your content Zone Based
Zones are the places on your web site where you want your headlines to show up. Create multiple zones and subzones to classify your articles (I.E. Business, Sports, Music, Entertainment, etc.) Add any number of articles to any number of zones and control how your headlines will be displayed.
Syndicate your content Powerful word-like content editor
News Manager comes packed with an incredibly powerful word-like content editor. Your publishers don't need to know HTML or FTP to keep your site fresh and up to date!


Plus Much More!
News Manager goes beyond the traditional news publishing software to provide a complete content management system specially designed for your content management needs.

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