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Live Support .NET
Live Customer Support Software
News Manager .NET
Web site content Manager System
Newsletter .NET
Newsletter Management Software
Banner Manager .NET
Banner Ad Management Software
FAQ Manager .NET
FAQ Based Customer Support System
Form Processor .NET
Form Mailer and Form Processing Software

Active Server Pages (ASP)
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Live Support
Live chat customer support software
News Manager
Content Management System
Banner Manager
Ad tracking software
Image Gallery
Photo gallery software
FAQ Manager
Online customer support software
Poll Manager
Survey software
Content Rotator
Innovative content rotation system
Form Processor
Form mailer and processing software
Chat software
Control Panel
Manage your Xigla modules from a single location

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Customer Support

For technical Support, please follow these 2 steps :

1) Browse our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We stronly suggest you to check our questions database before submitting any request.
Check if your question has already been answered in our FAQ's
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2) Submit your request
Please use this form for tech support and technical questions only.
For other inquiries, please use this other form.

Special Note : Please make sure to check our FAQs before submitting any questions. There's a very good chance that your question has already been answered.
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Support Note :
Please note that we can only provide support for our applications in their original form. We will not provide support for any modified version of the applications in their code or user interface as there is no guarantee that we're supporting our original code on a modified script.

In some cases, in order to provide support, your application will need to be installed on a live server on the Internet so that our support staff can access the application.

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